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#01 – Aleks’ Monstera

From Aleks –

“The monstera bag is one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received. Nu’s exquisite craftsmanship shines with the delicate stitching and the carefully chosen fittings, and the combination of plants and fibre crafts (my two favourite things!) continues to show me that my friend is always thinking of me.”

How It Came About

The inspiration for projects comes (for me) mostly from my materials and the desire to create beautiful things that people will enjoy. Aleks and I have a shared love of all things plant based (except for the bugs that eat them, there is no love there!). When I found this Rifle & Co Monstera canvas I jokingly said it should be made into an #03…. There was no joke about it really… It was happening! 

Managing to snag the last half a meter of this gorgeous fabric means that this incredible bag is a true one of a kind… I think there is enough left in my workshop to make a loincloth for the dog (should the need arise) but that’s it! Working with Aleks we carefully chose an oilskin mustard lining to match the leaf stem colouring and to ensure that its still water resistant to protect her knitting, a complementary green stitch thread for the outer and these stunning black handles with a gold emboss. I think you’ll agree the finished article is quite something. 

The most exciting part of this project was handing it over to Aleks when we met up in London. We live in different countries and nothing gave me more pleasure than being able to hand this over in person earlier this year…  I am incredibly proud of the finished object and I know that Aleks will have many wonderful years knitting from it too. 

Interested In Your Own Truly Unique Bag?

If you’re interested in creating your own unique project bag with me then please get in touch. We can look at lining bags with something special, creating bags from printed canvas, all sorts. Please get in touch with me using the contact form on the website.

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