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#11 – In Other News

Trying as I might to get back into regular writing… I find myself craving sitting in front of the keyboard and writing clunky and possibly repetitive blog posts to you all. I’m not sure if anyone reads them but if you do thank you ever so much for taking the time to join me today. So here’s a little of what I’ve been up to, things that have been mentioned in my weekly H&H newsletter but Receiving an essay once a week into your inboxes isn’t everyone’s cup of tea so I’ll pop it here instead.

Listening too – 

I’m a little late to the party with this but I’m currently listening to Michelle Obama’s autobiography. I say listening to because I’m dyslexic… I find reading very stressful (always have and the only thing I’ve managed to teach myself from a book was a little crochet and knitting). Also I like being able to do things at the same time as listening to books. I’m really enjoying Michelle’s story her kindness and compassion is inspiring, although I do find myself narrating my life in my head in her voice after I’ve finished listening to it for the day which makes for interesting bed time routines with Eve.

I’m trying to motivate myself more in the workshop especially now that I’m down to a 4 day week with Eve’s childcare (and recently only a couple as she’s not been well enough for nursery). This has resulted in a lot of hilarious Spotify playlists and some nauseating trips down memory lane… WHY can I not remember the names of all of Eve’s new teachers but I can still remember the dance moves to Steps –  ‘ 5,6,7,8’ and the crazy hair wash esc moves from ‘Tragedy’ I mean honestly!

Working On – 

I still cant put down my improvised crochet blanket at the moment. I’m getting through the squares, I’ve pulled a big pile of yarn from my stash to include in the blanket… It’s going to be a big one I think!

I’ve also been trying to finish things recently too, I really feel the weight of guilt from UFO’s especially at the moment. This week I’m working on finishing my ‘Easy One’ by Joji Locatelli. It’s a simple grey jumper knit in the round top down. I’m enjoying the fact the sleeves seem to be knitting themselves in the evenings recently. My husband has had a rare couple of evenings at home recently so we’ve been watching Netflix in front of the fire and ignoring the housework (Bliss). Spoiler alert… I’ve finished it and I’m hoping to find the time to block it today. I’m not sure I’m completely in love with it but I know it’ll be a fantastic staple for my wardrobe.

Does anyone else have rituals that surround their knitting? Not in a morbid ritualistic sort of way but when I finish a project I have a sort of ritual of burning the end’s I’ve cut from the FO (okay burning things is slightly ritual sacrifice… I take back my pervious flippant comment) and then I go through emptying my knitting bag that I’ve been using. The chances are that I’ve been carrying this bag around with me for some time – months, years on and off so there’s usually an interesting collection of things rattling around in the pockets.

This project bag is my bright yellow Fringe Field Bag, I purchased it online from La Bien Aimee, and I love the unapologetic colour especially at the moment when it’s so easy to hide ourselves away in all that is cold and grey (In the UK at least). At the bottom of this bag for example I’ve found a collection of stitch markers and a rubber (Pencil rubber nothing else you dirty minds!) and an invitation for a party… Of all the things to find! It’s an invitation I’ve held onto and one that I might well continue to carry around with me in my knitting bags, it’s nice to know sometimes that we are loved and there are sometimes some very happy memories attached to pieces of paper.

Drink Me – 

I’ve recently discovered Offblak tea… my morning favourite is at the moment the peach and green tea… Yum

Thank you all for joining me here today… I’ll get better with the words and the format I’m sure but until then I really appreciate the company thank you and have a lovely weekend!

Nu x


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