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Leather Notebook Cover – Make your own!

Following on from the success of our leather notebook kits I have put together a bit of a buyers guide for those of you that would like to make larger ones or source your own leather and experiment (you can find the PDF downloads here).

Leather –

Leather in the UK is sold by the square foot, you’ll want to purchase a nice piece of leather shoulder for this project. 2mm thick is ideal but you can use a thicker one if you’d like a stiffer cover.

I use A & A Cracks for the leather in this tutorial, the leather is 2mm Italian Buttero leather and it’s available in a number of colours. Cracks have a great selection and they’re always happy to help. There is no minimum order which means that purchasing from them is easy if you only want one hide. Cracks also offer a sample service too where you can select up to 6 free samples of leather in a variety of colours and finishes.

Another great company to have a look at it Metropolitan leather. You can order online via their website or purchase a sample booklet first.

Leather Outside of the UK –

You can research leather merchants local to you or if you are in the USA you have a great choice – Weaver Leather Supply & Tandy Leather  are a couple of my favourites. They also sell a really wide range of tools, books and have instructional videos should you wish to continue your leather working journey beyond notebook covers.

Elastic –

In the tutorial I use a 2mm round elastic purchased from eBay, I have discovered that my local haberdashery also sell it and so I’ll be purchasing it from them going forward. You need about 115cm of elastic to make a cover for an A5 notebook. In the tutorial I’ve used a bright pink elastic, it’s a great way to add a really bright pop of colour to your project.

Linen Thread –

When you’re threading the elastic it helps if you use a piece of thread to act as a threader. In the kits I provide a piece of waxed linen cord however you can use a piece of thick thread or whatever you may have to hand. A small crochet hook would also work.

Notebooks –

It is important that you choose a notebook with a central stitched spine, this creates a natural cavity for the elastic to sit in. The notebooks available in the kits are from Waterstones but you can use Moleskine notebooks should you prefer as they come in a wide variety of sizes up to A4 (As a side note – not all Moleskine notebooks are standard UK A5, make sure you check when purchasing as they can be narrower… This isn’t a problem if you are only going to use these note books but it might be if you plan on using larger ones in the future, you’ll want to make sure your notebook cover is big enough to fit the wider ones too).

Hopefully this information has been helpful to you, If you have a question pop it in the comments section below and I’ll do my best to answer it for you. It might be a question that a lot of people have and so it will help others to see my response.


Really looking forward to seeing all of your makes!


Nu x

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