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Lockdown Lunchtime – Large IKEA Style Holdall

Hold all is right for this make… It holds an enormous amount of everything really. It’s also absolutely perfect for you lining your shopping trolly if you use a hand scanner system when supermarket shopping. I personally love it for Aldi & Lidl shopping… it normally makes for a very stressful shopping experience but when I remember to take this bag I can open it up and scoop everything into it in my trolley then lift it out into the boot… Yes its even big enough to fit nappy packs in!

For this make you will need…

  • A 1m piece of fabric 145cm wide. I used Merchant & Mills denim dry oilskin but you can use any medium/heavy weight cloth. Here’s the website link for their dry oilskin
  • I used webbing too also from Merchant & Mills approximately 4 meters of it.
  • A Pencil & rubber (just in case)
  • Fabric scissors
  • Thread for your sewing machine… & a sewing machine.
  • A reel of double sided tape
  • A quilting square
  • A set of quilters clips.

You can find the video for this on my instagram page in the IGTV section. I’m also hoping to get it up onto You Tube too.

This tutorial will only be available as a video I’ve not made them to sell or to sell kits for… They’re just for fun so that you can have a go at making things and hopefully have some fun during what is yet again a really trying time for so many people.

If you have a question pop it in the comments box below and myself & Rosie will get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks so much to everyone that’s taken part so far and joined me on for this make… see you next Monday when I’ll be making fabric buckets for your home and plants.


Nu xx

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