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Curated Collections - September

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It’s no surprise that these beautiful little #02’s have been the star’s of the show this past month. So versatile and each with a beautiful personality of its own.

Made from the finest quality leather these are the perfect companion.

About us

All the products for Hide & Hammer are handmade in our studio in an old industrial mill in the Cotswolds, UK. From the brass fittings to the resilient waxed canvas, the materials and parts we use are also sourced in the UK.

Our aim is always to create items with thought and soul. All the bags are designed to be easy to use, but practical too – for instance, the canvas bags come with detachable leather handles making them washable and simple to maintain.

The time, care and effort taken to create our bags means each one has an exceptionally high finish. And, the beauty of working with leather ensures that whoever ends up owning the bag will then be able to add their own story to it over time, with the leather’s characterful patina making each item unique.

Strap logos silver


Hide & Hammer are now offering a personalisation service - everything from the handle colour to the finishing touches (initials or wording) can now be chosen by you!

Some fantastic examples include - ‘KNITTER’ ‘KNIT’ ‘HOOK’ ‘CROCHET’

Nicknames and initials would also look amazing!

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Pre-Order V’s Ready to Ship

You will see there are a couple of options on the website at the moment. In order to provide as much variety as possible the stock colours of our beautiful #03 roll top canvas bags are now all pre-order only (with the exception of the Limited edition Rust #03’s), this means you’re able to choose from a variety of options and make the bag your own. It’s a very exciting feature that I hope you will love too.

Ready to ship listings will be clearly labeled too and these are items that have been made up and as the name suggests they’re ready to leave the workshop. Please be aware when placing your order if you have selected a ready to ship and a preorder item, your order will ship when the pre-order item is ready.


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