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Leather Notebook Kit – Black Leather

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Make your own leather journal cover!

This kit will guide you through the steps you need to make your own cover for the notebook provided. You will then after completing this make have the skills needed to make your own in various sizes.

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Product Description

What’s in this kit? 

  • A piece of high quality Italian leather shoulder.
  • Elastic; a 115cm length of 2mm round elastic.
  • An A5 notebook with a central stitched spine.
  • A small piece of waxed linen thread.
  • A full instruction booklet (PDF format).

To complete this project you will need at home or to acquire. 

  • Something to cut the leather – a rotary cutter or sharp Stanley knife will work really well. Both are ideal. 
  • Something to cut on – a self healing cutting mat is perfect.  A chopping board will work just as well as long as the mat/board is longer than the side you’re going to cut. 
  • Rotary hole punch – this doesn’t need to be an expensive purchase, you can test out the one you’ve had sitting in a drawer for 10 years and only used once… I’m sure it’ll work just fine! 
  • A wooden or neoprene mallet – a mallet with a soft head that won’t damage your punch when we use it to make the central hole. 
  • Something to cut against – a metal safety ruler is ideal, you need to apply a fair amount of pressure when cutting the leather and you don’t want to slip and cut yourself (Trust me… it hurts!). A quilters ruler or set square to make sure your angles are correct is also useful, but not imperative. You can use a piece of A4 paper or the notebook provided in this kit.  
  • A piece of cardboard, wallpaper, paper; something to make a pattern with.
  • A pencil.


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